actionable keynotes  + +  transformative workshops  + + epic coaching

"It was easy to tell by the questions in the audience immediately after the presentation and the references to Cher’s content and guidance weeks afterwards, that she was not only knowledgeable, but made a significant impact on the attendees."

Michelle Lynch


"Cher Jones brought great energy to her presentations and made instant devotees of many of my team members. Those who participated in her presentation and 1:1 sessions came away with noticeable increases in their social media skills, and great excitement to make good use of them.”

Chris Jonat


"Cher, I can't thank you enough. Your ears should be ringing ALL . THE .TIME. I mention your name every time someone asks how I grew my business so fast over the past year. Every day I wake up to at least 3 new companies wanting me to speak or work with me. My assistant needs and assistant! Between LinkedIn messages, emails website inquiries and referrals, it's insane. Thank you! 

Dr. Tana Sessions


When we teach leaders how to BRAND... here's what happens:

Your sales leaders and consultants generate a client-focused digital presence that immediately builds deeper relationships with your customers, referral partners and leads. We also show them how to stay top of mind and nurture the entire client lifecycle with the right content, intentional activity, and meaningful engagement.

Your emerging leaders take charge of their own success with the right internal branding and visibility strategy. They'll learn how to articulate their value, position their credibility and demonstrate their leadership potential. We will also equip them with proven intrapreneurial networking strategies to help them build intentional relationships with their current and future champions, sponsors, and mentors. 

Your senior leaders build their personal brands and learn to use the right social networks, content and digital tools to motivate, influence, and engage your people while simultaneously helping the company create a more connected and inclusive culture, that actively attracts and retains the best talent. We’ll also teach them how to the same personal branding tools to support, mentor and champion the leaders coming up behind them.  

Your subject matter experts develop meaningful thought leadership to share their knowledge, grow their influence and proudly represent your company’s brand.  We’ll also teach them how to create scroll stopping content that organically shines a spotlight on the culture and employee experience as well as their industry conference appearances and community involvement. 

Your team members understand the risks, rewards and impacts social media can have on their job and career. They'll know the do's and don'ts so they can always put their best digital foot forward while they avoid sabotaging their future success. They'll be clear on the importance of a smart and credible digital presence and how it can be used as a tool to thrive at work in their role.



"Expect valuable lessons, up-to-the minute information, actionable next steps, tons of energy and a few laughs when you hire Cher Jones!" 


Whether you need a keynote speaker to fire up your audience or an expert in personal branding for our hybrid corporate world to teach a truly actionable breakout session, you're in the right place. Socially Active’s Cher Jones can deliver engaging, easy to understand and always customized keynotes, sessions and workshops.  She consistently receives top ratings and always makes your audience feel like their time was well spent.

Each of these topics are available as a 45 min transformative keynote or 90-minute actionable working session.

How to Get Your Personal Brand Working for You in A Hybrid Work World

SESSION RATING: E for Everyone! 
It is perfect for a mixed corporate audience to help them activate their brand with a service based mindset for growth.

For some professionals, the idea of building their personal brand both in person and online is a simple as one, two, three. But for everyone else, the branding struggle is real! Especially now, as we all learn how to navigate our new digital-first, hybrid workplace. Knowing how to create a credible and professional digital presence has become a must have soft skill that most people need! 

In this 45-minute transformative keynote or highly interactive 90 min working session Personal Branding Strategist Cher Jones will expose three critical facts that prove why you need to work on your brand at work for work. Identify the four biggest fears that have probably held you back. She'll unlock the five mindset shifts you need to adopt so you can communicate your value and unapologetically own what makes you awesome. Plus, she'll equip you with 6 simple actionable digital branding strategies that can help you significantly increase your credibility and value, become more visible and connected, open new doors and quite frankly, change your life at work.

How to Create a Hybrid Personal Brand for B2B Consulting and Sales Success 

SESSION RATING: S for Sales & Service! 
It focuses on winning branding strategies to help B2B Consultants & Sales Professionals crush their goals.

In this highly-interactive session the members of your team will learn what it takes to make their professional digital presence so good they won't be ignored. They’ll discover the key components every B2B consultant or sales leader must include in their online profiles to strategically support them in their current role and clearly articulate their value, industry knowledge and experience while proudly representing their personal brand and your company’s too! They'll also gain several hybrid work world tactics to help them exceed performance metrics, achieve professional goals, build a functional network, grow key relationships and increase their visibility while avoiding career-killing digital mistakes. 

How to Go from Hidden Figure to Influential Leader at Work

SESSION RATING: I for Inclusion! 
It lasers in on branding strategies designed to teach Emerging Leaders how to breakthrough and level up.  

For under-represented high performing leaders, the pathway to growth and success within a large corporation has always been complicated. When you add on the challenges of navigating this new hybrid working environment, it’s easy to get lost in shuffle. Especially if you don’t have a plan.

In this session, Personal Branding Communications Trainer & Strategist Cher Jones will teach the participants how to go from Hidden Figure to Influential Leader by leveraging the power of a Personal Brand Communications Plan. Through the lens of their professional goals and performance objectives, each participant will learn how to create a credible and professional presence that motivates people to work with them, for them and champion them in person and online! This session is a fantastic choice for any organization who is serious about creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive leadership team.  

How to Develop A Win-Win Hybrid Brand For Senior Leaders 

SESSION RATING: L for Leaders!
This session embeds branding strategies designed to help Sr. Leaders develop and leverage their brand at work.  

There is no escaping it, our hybrid work world is causing every senior leader to examine and prioritize their personal brand, especially their digital presence. Those who are intentional and intrapreneurial with their brand not only take charge of their own success; they also elevate your company’s efforts to create a more connected and inclusive culture, attract and retain the best talent; and influence industry thought leadership and visibility. Talk about a win-win! By the time they are done they have a crystal-clear direction on what they need to do next to create an influential and intrapreneurial leadership brand that makes people want to work with them for them and follow them!


Social Media Ripple Effect | How to make a powerful first (brand) impression online!

SESSION RATING: R for Risk Reduction!
This talk is perfect for a mixed corporate audience. It focuses on branding best practices, guidelines and polices.

Coming out of the pandemic, there’s one thing we can all agree on. How we show up online matters more than ever before. In this digital-first, business environment, everyone's social media accounts can be an asset or a liability to their professional life, depending on how they use them. 

In this interactive session, Cher Jones will help your employees make an honest 360-degree assessment of their online personal brand to make sure it’s working for them and not against them. Using a growth mindset approach, they will explore the ripple effect of both positive and negative social media activities while they learn how to develop an ethical AND strategic online presence for success in their professional lives.

 Create a true brand transformation with these
 'get-er-done'  workshops & focused  training programs! 


Master Your Message + Optimize Your Digital Presence Workshop

FORMAT: Full Day Workshop in-person or 2 half days virtual  + 1:1 Profile Coaching Session (45min virtual)

In Socially Active’s Master Your Message + Optimize Your Digital Presence Workshop your leaders will unlock their message to create powerful introductions that make lasting impressions and create opportunities both face to face and online.

To start, your leaders will work through a personal brand discovery module to lay the foundation for their own unique messaging and overall strategy. Next, using Socially Active’s Branded Introduction Framework, they will learn how to effectively communicate what they do in their current role and confidently articulate their value, experience, and accomplishments in a service centric way, so they don’t feel like they’re bragging! 

Then they will optimize key components online profiles to ensure they proudly represent your company while authentically showing up as their own brand. Whether it’s on LinkedIn, face to face or in a meeting their brand(ed) new introductions will immediately inspire a sense of trust and motivate people to want to work with them, for them and refer them.

1:1 follow up coaching session included for each participant 

In this 45-minute virtual coaching session Cher will review their LinkedIn profiles and provide solid advice and feedback to take it to the next level. Any technical questions will also get answered.  Each participant will get a recorded copy to review anytime. 

Socially Active INcubator | Digital Communication Skills for the Hybrid Workplace

FORMAT: Five 2-hour weekly incubator virtual sessions + 1 group coaching/troubleshooting session a month later

Developing functional hybrid workplace communications skills won't happen by powering through a bunch of a lessons in one go. For them to be effective you got to learn and apply them bit by bit.  Each session outlined below will allow your leaders to hyper-focus on building the "social skills" and habits need to grow their brand at work and achieve their performance and professional goals. 


WEEK 1 | Grow a functional & tactical network filled with leads, clients, colleagues, vendors, referral partners, industry experts and champions. 

WEEK 2 | Engage their connections with highly effective networking tactics that accelerate the relationship process. They'll learn how to build trust, nurture new opportunities, and get access to the right people. 

WEEK 3 | Explore the different content options they can create and curate to start intentional conversations, grow their influence and stay top of mind.

WEEK 4 | Use the #ScrollStopper Framework to effectively share content and infuse their authentic voice while they develop an understanding of which algorithm and social etiquette rules can impact the how many people will see it.  

WEEK 5 | Solidify their Personal Brand Action Plan by establishing and committing to their branding goals, specific activities, and time commitment for the next 3 months.


To solidify what they've learned in the incubator, build their habits, and transform their behavior, your leaders will be given a few assignments to complete. During this follow-up group coaching session, we’ll share and discuss their success stories, ideas, and challenges. Plus, they’ll get the inside scope on the latest trends and network updates. 

Creator at Work | Thought Leadership Mastermind Workshop 

FORMAT: Full Day Workshop in-person or 2 half days virtual + 1:1 Feedback Session (45min virtual)

To prepare for the workshop your leaders will be given an assignment to strategically select and research a few content ideas for an area of thought leadership they would like to own.  During the workshop they will each share their best ideas with the group for feedback. Then they’ll select one thought leadership idea and learn how to transform it into multiple pieces of content.  from it. Finally, they'll learn how to share and use it to network so they can increase their credibility, visibility and opportunities among the people they serve, at your company and inside the industry. 

1:1 Thought Leadership Review Session  (45 mins)

In this 45-minute virtual coaching session Cher will review their thought leadership and strategy. She will provide solid advice and feedback to take it to the next level. Any technical questions will be answered as well. The session is recorded so the participant has a copy to watch and listen to whenever they need it.


Create & Influence at Work | Customizable Masterminds


Personal Branding at work is a true win-win! 

Socially Active’s Employee Creator & Influencer training program can improve your company's overall brand  experience by teaching your leaders, consultants, and experts how to develop a credible, professional, and influential personal brand at work. 

This comprehensive  and completely customizable training program has nothing to do with becoming #instafamous or helping somebody find a new job. It has everything to do with providing a structured personal branding methodology so your leaders can:

Confidently articulate how they serve in their current role, the value they deliver and the experience they leverage to do what they do best.
Develop a strong intrapreneurial vision of their future impact along with the personalized strategy needed to take charge of their success.
Grow a functional online network to support their daily responsibilities, performance objectives and professional goals.
Accelerate the building process with high value connections including leads, clients and partners.
Create and share scroll-stopping content and authoritative thought leadership that converts.
Build trusted internal relationships with sponsors, mentors and champions to create growth opportunities from within.

Sounds great for them but... Here's how their brands help your company!

As a result of their brand work and your investment into your highly valued influential leaders, your company can leverage their personal brands to:

Generate more leads, improve sales conversion rates, and create new business opportunities.
Attract all star talent by collaborating with your thought leaders and influencers and by sharing the content they create.
Strengthen employer branding initiatives and your marketing campaigns
Supercharge the effectiveness of your leadership training, employee advocacy programs and DEI initiatives. 
Develop a hybrid workplace culture where employees feel more savvy, productive, and connected. 
Improve your employee experience and boost retention rates by increasing their sense of belonging and inclusion.

Clearly its a win-win but here's how we design the right program for you in 3 steps!

1. Define the end-game. 

To ensure we develop an exciting, focused, and highly relevant learning program that covers all the integral aspects required for your group, we'll work together to clarify who will, and should be participating in the program. Next we'll identify the high impact areas, relevant needs, and challenges specific to their roles and goals. Then we’ll outline the exact learning objectives for the program and establish the desired outcomes to help measure success along the way. 

2. Determine exactly what you want your leaders to learn.

Your customized program will be created using a combination of policies and guidelines your company may already have in place, training materials developed exclusively developed exclusively for your group and the curriculum from our signature workshops:

  1. Master Your Message + Optimize Your Digital Presence
  2. Socially Active INcubator | Digital Communication Skills for the Hybrid Workplace
  3. Creator at Work | Thought Leadership Mastermind Workshop
  4. (See the workshops tab to get more details about each program listed above.)

3. Create the program structure and schedule.
Together we'll go through the calendar and review important dates, timelines and any scheduling challenges. At this time we will also decide if the program will be delivered in-person, virtually or a combination of the two.  As well as, when the sessions will be scheduled, what format each part of the curriculum will take on (workshop, 1:1, group coaching etc.,), how often and how long each session will be. And then we're off to the races. 

Got questions? Would you like to find out more?

If you'd like to explore our customized training options in more detail, get pricing information, and see if it's right for your training goals, book a time to talk right away. 

Become a Brand(ed) New You with these 1:1 Coaching Programs 

1:1 COACHING OPTIONS (limited availability)

PROGRAM ONE | Create Your Professional Digital Presence

This 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you develop a credible and professional digital presence. During our time together we’ll discover and clarify your professional and performance goals, uncover and articulate exactly what makes you awesome, then package you up into a powerful, service centric LinkedIn profile that makes people want to work for you, with you, refer you and champion you.

You’ll also learn how to build a highly strategic goal-based network growth filled with the right people. Then you’ll discover how to engage them on their LinkedIn posts, in their Direct messages or on the comments they leave. No more wondering what you should post on a regular basis or when you speak at an event, share exciting news, celebrate a win or shine the spotlight on someone or something important.

How long? 
This 1:1 program includes 9 1:1 coaching sessions (60 mins each)

How much? : The investment is $3500

PROGRAM TWO | Build Your Thought Leadership & Influence

This program INCLUDES everything listed in the program above.

Once your online presence has been established, we’ll turn our attention to developing the concept for your thought leadership platform. First, we’ll flesh out your ideas, stories, methodologies and approaches that provide meaningful value to your audience. Next, we’ll work to convert your brilliance into a framework and/or content format such as a keynote talk, podcast, video or blog series. We’ll determine what’s best suited for your message, audience, time and creative skill level. You’ll learn how to share it with your network the right way to ensure maximum impact and visibility.

No more wondering what should you post either! We’ll determine exactly what types of content your network would find valuable then set up a system that finds it for you. and share awesome and relevant content to keep you socially active and top of mind in your network. Try out the best time saving tools and tricks. Learn about the different ways to reach and get social with your business network (on a level you are comfortable with).

How long? 
This 1:1 program includes 16 1:1 coaching sessions (60 mins each)

How much? : The investment is $5700


A recorded copy of all of our sessions
Customized digital workbook so you can access everything we're working on almost any device
Weekly assignments that can include video training modules, worksheets and research
Powerful done-for-you-templates, online resources and cheat sheets so you don’t waste time
Client only webinars and special trainings


The Coaching Preview Call is designed for us to review your brand, talk about your goals and discuss what's possible with some quality coaching and training. 

The call should give you an idea of what it's like to work with me. It's also to help you find more about my programs and to determine if we are a good fit for each other too! It's time to get your questions answered. 

Book your call to find out more. 

Here's what you should do next!


Want to know what this kind of training could look like for your team or at your event.  During the  call, we'll talk about the who, why, what, where and how of your training needs while exploring if we're the right fit.


If you like what you hear, my team and I will create a proposal detailing everything we discussed including any customizations, special  requests, training/speaking logistics, timeline and pricing for your review.


Assuming you love the proposal, we'll get the ball rolling and immediately begin partnering together to create the best learning experience for your people.  But first... you've got to book your call!

Want to build a stronger personal brand at work?

Take this quiz to find out what YOU should focus on first!


Cher Jones Personal Branding Trainer & Strategist
+ Content Creator + Speaker

When it comes to personal branding I am about as niche as the come! I don't work with job seekers or those who want to become #instafamous. I work with Corporate Leaders who actually LOVE their jobs and want to do well and grow at the companies they work for. They do exist. Shocking, I know! 

You should also know this ain't my first rodeo.  I’ve been mastering the art and science of personal branding and training within the social media space for over 10 years! And I am not just in this business because I am kinda young*ish, cool*ish and absolutely digitally savvy.  

Everything I teach in my top-rated keynotes, workshops and programs has been developed over time with strategic intention and my Socially Active Training Curriculum is firmly guided by over 20 years of formal corporate communications, marketing and broadcast media experience.  However, I am still an active student of the game, so my work is constantly evolving to reflect today’s best practices, technologies and trends.   

But as the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. You can experience my deep knowledge, infectious energy and genuine passion for what I do when you check out my livestreams, videos, podcasts and all the other content I create.

In fact, LinkedIn's Editor & Chief officially recognized me as "Creator to Watch".  Several pieces of my content are being used as examples in LinkedIn's upcoming best practices guide for Creators on the platform.  And finally they've hired me to develop a LinkedIn Learning Course too. 

As far as my other clients go,  I’ve worked internationally with a variety of organizations including Lockheed Martin, HP, Rogers, Husky Energy, Stantec, C360, BPTN, Hong Kong Police, PokerStars, BlackBerry, Industrial Alliance, Meeting Planners International, The UK Trade and Investment, The Ontario Ministry of Education and UAE Steel and CBC to name a “few”.   

Want to know more? Let's talk!


NEW 2022 LINKEDIN FEATURE ALERT  Bell Notifications for Content

I know on YouTube we are used to bell notifications BUT LinkedIn has finally added it to their user profiles and this is big news if you are a creator on the network. 

Your followers have a better chance of seeing your awesome content and you have a better chance to see theirs!

Do They Know How Awesome You Are At Work? Personal Branding Tip

Do "THEY" know how awesome you are at work? Do they know about all of the value you bring to the table? 

I know, they know, you great but do they REALLY know? Probably not! WATCH this super short video to find out why they need to know and what you need to do..